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630 5th Ave, Suite 2000
New York, NY, 10111
United States


Brindles, the All American pet boutique based in New York City features premium organic dog treats, toys, clothes, beds, and accessories all made in the USA. 

Best Dog Beds - An evolution in comfort for the modern dog

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Best Dog Beds - An evolution in comfort for the modern dog

Mr. Brindles

Dog Beds of antique with a posh past

Bofferding sign.jpg

Travel back in time with Brindles to the 18th century as we peek inside the window of a local Upper East Side antique shop, R. Louis Bofferding.  Long reknown for their collection of decorative and fine art, we were shocked to see that the Bofferding window has literally gone to the dogs - - a Louis XVI Dog Bed, that is! 

Imagine the pup that stretched out for a nap on this piece of fine French furniture!  We had to learn more...


This original wood-and-cord frame with mattress upholstered in shantung silk once belonged to the beloved Fifi, a descendant of Marie Antoinette's lap dog named CoCo.  Fifi resided with a prominent Fifth Avenue family, frolicking in Central Park with her Hermes collar and lady's maid.  From her exquisite daybed Fifi reigned supreme in an alcove with a pair of tiny Italian chandeliers, and a miniature French table on which her personal chef left bone-shaped marzipan treats at night. 

What a piece of fine French furniture, indeed!  If your pup seeks an abode with a past as posh as its present, this antique commands a cool $9,000.  

How have beds evolved to fit your modern dog's lifestyle? 

Shantung silk and French antiques may still be popular for A-list dogs, but we at Brindles know that the modern dog dreams of design, form, and function when it comes to bedding.  Come dig your doggie bed with us just a little deeper as we take you on a tour of the very latest styles from Jax and Bones.  Brindles best dog beds are 100% made in USA of premium fabrics in a modern color palette and patterns, using only the highest quality, recycled fill materials.  

We think no matter what kind of sleeper your Prince or Princess may be, the perfect dog bed is waiting in our shop.

Brindles Pup Quiz: What Kind of Sleeper Are You?

  • Lounger
    Sleeping Habit: Snuggler or Leaner
    Your snoozer will leave the couch behind in favor of a sofa-like experience that your pup can call home.  Dogs who love to curl, stretch, or lean while resting will love the overstuffed, bolstered sides of the Lounger.

  • Napper
    Sleeping Habit: Curler or Snuggler
    Senior dogs needing extra joint support or any dog requiring superior comfort will choose the Napper for hours of deep and restful sleep.

  • Pillow
    Sleeping Habit: Freestyle
    Go-go Gadget arms and legs, your dog can stretch out in any direction on the signature pillow bed.   Designed for lasting comfort, the Pillow bed is overstuffed and channeled to prevent flattening - - even when your pup is flat out tired!

  • Cozy Mat
    Sleeping Habit: Freestyle
    Ideal for the modern dog on the go, Cozy Mats are ideal for travel, crate training or any day nap time!  Great for use in the home, office or car, Cozy Mats go outdoors too with water/sun resistant fabric options.  

  • Bloom
    Sleeping Habits: Tiny Cuddlers (Pups or Cats too!)
    We know your little ones need more fun, which is why the Bloom bed allows small breed dogs and cats to cuddle and snuggle up in expressive and colorful fabrics.