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Brindles, the All American pet boutique based in New York City features premium organic dog treats, toys, clothes, beds, and accessories all made in the USA. 

Online Games Help You Discover Your Dog’s Personality

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Online Games Help You Discover Your Dog’s Personality

Catie Grossane

 Photo Source: Dognition

Photo Source: Dognition

Your pup is unique and adorable in his or her own way, but if you ever wondered about what lurks beneath the surface of that furry face, a new tool claims it can help you understand. It’s called Dognition, and uses a series of online games to help you determine which of nine personality profiles your dog fits into best.

How It Works

The pup parent signs up with Dognition, and purchases the Dognition Assessment ($35) which is comprised of 20 games specially designed for pooches. All the games can be played in the comfort of your own home, using household objects, and each is meant to measure one of five cognitive areas: empathy, communication, cunning, reasoning, and memory.  During each game the animal’s progress is tracked using an online tool. Once you play all the games, experts analyze the data you collected to create your pooch and create a Dognition Profile which reveals which personality type your dog has.
The system was developed by canine cognition expert and author Dr. Brian Hare who says, “We’ve developed a lot of games that you play with dogs to figure out how they are thinking… [It shows] not just what’s remarkable about dogs as a species, but what’s remarkable about your dog.” Dognition also takes the data from your pup and adds it to existing research that will help find, for example, if some types of dogs tend to have better memory than others.

The Personality Possibilities

Here are the nine possible personalities the tests will reveal your dog is:

  1. Ace: An accomplished problem solver with great communication skills.
  2. Charmer: Charmers have exceptional social skills, meaning they can read human body language like a book.
  3. Socialite: They rely on a very specific strategy - using the humans in their pack to get what they want.
  4. Expert: They have all of the cognitive tools they need to solve most of their daily problems on their own.
  5. Renaissance Dog: Renaissance Dogs show impressive flexibility across all 5 cognitive dimensions, rather than relying heavily on one alone.
  6. Protodog: Protodogs are flexible when it comes to solving problems on their own, but with sufficient social acumen to turn to humans for help when needed.
  7. Einstein: Einsteins have an excellent comprehension of the physical world. They also show one of the key qualities of genius: the ability to make inferences.
  8. Maverick: These dogs definitely prefer to tackle problems independently, and when it comes to understanding the physical world, hold their own compared to other dogs.
  9. Stargazer: Generally their cognition is geared towards self-reliant and present-minded strategies, rather than being overly concerned with past events and human collaboration.

What Do You Think?

After reading the brief descriptions, what personality type do you think your pooch has? Which type would you hope he or she has? We say while finding the outcome might be interesting, it’s important we continue to love our dogs just for who they are—after all, they do so for us each and every day!