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Brindles, the All American pet boutique based in New York City features premium organic dog treats, toys, clothes, beds, and accessories all made in the USA. 

It’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

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It’s Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

Catie Grossane

 IG @little_neville_the_devil

IG @little_neville_the_devil

What’s one way to make your day at the office more enjoyable? Bring your pooch with you for the day, of course! That’s why “Bring Your Dog To Work Day” is so magical—and it happens to be today! If you wish you could bring your pup with you everyday, we have some tips on how you just might be able to convince your boss it’s really a very good idea that will surely increase everyone’s productivity.

How To Get Your Office To Allow Dogs All The Time


  • Survey your coworkers: Find out who in the office would also love to bring their pooch with them each day, as well as who would be neutral to the idea or oppose it. If you can show management many others think having pups around is a great idea, they just might be more willing to consider your proposal. Remember, you have to take negative feedback into consideration—if your coworkers have concerns about dogs in the workplace, you will need to address those concerns.
  • Focus on the benefits to the company: Make sure you make your boss aware of the up sides to having dogs in the workplace. For example, having pups around can boost morale, and also will encourage the health of the dog owners, who will have to get up from their desks to walk their dogs. The company can also build a reputation for being animal-friendly and even attract new employees with the unique benefit of being able to bring their dogs to the office.
  • Volunteer to run the ‘show’: In other words, volunteer to start a committee that will establish rules if dogs were allowed.  By establishing an employee-led committee you are taking some of the pressure off your company’s management team by preemptively addressing their concerns about who will run the program, follow up on any complaints employees might have, and write policies.
  • Make sure you office is prepped: Is your office actually equipped to handle dogs? Find outdoor areas suitable for walking dogs, identify spaces in the office that should be dog-free, and identify areas where you may need to add features like waste disposal stations or designated dog-walking areas.
  • Ask for a trial run: If “Take Your Dog To Work Day” goes well, you may be able to use it as an example of the dog-friendly office policy working. However, it would be even better to ask for a week or two to demonstrate that having dogs in the workplace is really a feasible option for your company. The longer trial period gives dogs (and people) a chance to adapt, relax and become good officemates.

Our Take

It’s a great idea to have pups at work! A recent study from Central Michigan University reveals that dogs in the workplace can lead to more trust between co-workers which in turn leads to more collaboration among team members. Show us your pooch helping you out at work on Instagram by tagging us (@BrindlesNYC) in your post.

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